Easy and Cute: Circle Skirt

DSC_7029Although she has many cute dresses, Ruby Rose lives in onesies, because it is just too hot here in the South. She needs to wear as little as possible, hence, onesies, day and night! But sometimes I get tired of the plain onesie look and throw on a skirt over it when we need to run errands or something and so this circle skirt project came along. It’s pretty easy if you are up to it, click here and here or maybe just save it for a future project! It’s also a great baby girl shower gift!DSC_7033



Barns and Sunshine

DSC_7140a Barns and sunny days, two of my favorite things, and add a pretty dress, and you’ve got the ingredients to my type of photoshoot ! I made this drapey, Grecian-inspired dress. I didn’t use a pattern (I rarely do when sewing) and so it was a trial and error experience that took me about 2 days to finish, although I am still not quite happy with the results, so I am calling this my prototype. This was my first time sewing jersey clothing. I had tried altering a jersey dress I had bought in the past but after disappointing results, I stayed away from jersey for about a year. I decided I can’t avoid it for long because it is oh-so-comfy and cooling for the frequent heat waves in our part of the country. So, after scouring the internet for tips, I decided to tackle it. I have found the best tips for jersey are: 1. Use a ballpoint needle (I think there is also a needle for knits that also works well but I used ballpoint, so I can’t really tell you which one is better). 2. Use starch to keep the fabric in place, so therefore, you can  sew straighter lines. The starch will definitely give you more control and better results, although I totally did not use it for this project and really regret not doing so! I also think it will help eliminate puckering. 3. Iron the puckers, this may help smooth it out. I was so upset with how the jersey kept puckering after sewing but I read somewhere to try ironing it and that seriously made things look much better. 4. Use your serger as much as possible! Once again, my serger basically saved the day. I love that thing. So, after doing this project, I have overcome my fear of it and  knits and can’t wait to go to the store to buy more jersey! DSC_7146a DSC_7157a DSC_7172a

This Weekend

This past weekend I was able to knock out a few sewing projects, although easy ones: Ruby Rose’s nursery curtains and some napkins.

We have needed napkins in forever and I am so picky but picking fabric is easier than going to the store and picking out napkins and it’s cheaper too! We need some color in our very beige-y home and so I was feeling something bright and cheerful, hence the mustard napkins. It seriously only took me like 45 minutes to cut and serge these 8 napkins. Dear serger, you are almost up there with my camera in my favorite gadgets department.

The curtains took a little more time and brainstorming but I chose the fabric because it has a lot of the colors that are consistent throughout Ruby’s room. I knew the lines were going to be a little strong for Ruby’s very girly room but I think her room needed some spontaneity. There were definitely fabrics that would have perfectly gone with her baroque design bed linens but I wanted her room to be a little mismatchy and whimsical, just like a kid’s room should be. I added some crochet trimmings to make it a little more feminine too. I am pretty satisfied with the results. One thing I love about sewing is that I can really customize things to my taste and needs!

Upcoming projects: We are going to be Florida soon so I am working on a dress and a jumpsuit for me. For Ruby, I am making  a 2 piece outfit. I am so happy to be finally making clothes because fashion is really more of my forte than home decor. Sewing clothes is definitely something I care to master more of!


DSC_6749 DSC_6753.

Pretty Dress, Pretty Little Girl, and Pretty Little Thoughts

Can I take a moment to be effusive about how much I love this little girl and how much I love being her mama? I didn’t realize how motherhood can be so overwhelmingly wonderful! Motherhood is good for my little heart, I tell you, even with the whole preeclampsia scare. I am just so happy that this little girl exists and never mind that she is a lot of hard work when I stop to think about it, which I don’t really (and don’t really have time for) and it has become natural to me to go through all the rough parts, such as getting less sleep, less time for myself, less money to spend on myself, yet she has brought so much more into my life! I can’t sum it all up in words. To the future moms out there, no one can prepare you of how you will feel about your little one. No one can. Your baby becomes your universe and that is how it should be!

Sometimes, I catch myself staring at my little girl and think, “Where did you come from? You are so perfect!” I have religious beliefs of where she comes from but it’s still such a miracle and marvel to think I have created a life and that that this little soul now exists and I had something to do with her creation. It’s kind of like a magic trick, like she was just pulled out of a hat and I have no idea how it was done or I just can’t fathom it, so I am just in awe to this day!

And another thing, this little girl has become my kryptonite. Her smiles and giggles, they melt me! And her cries, when she wants something, they have to be heeded and I can’t just ignore them because those sad faces she makes breaks my heart and I would do anything to make those tears go away. And when she gives me her little baby hugs, feels like heaven! And there is something about a baby’s neediness that makes a momma feel so special, you know?

How about you other moms out there? Did you guys feel the same way? I’d like to know your feelings on being a mom for the first time.

DSC_6424a(Dress: Modcloth-sold out)

Cibalo Creek

DSC_6309aMassive trees with beautiful, intricate roots, wild deer prancing around, a myriad of wild flowers dotting the roads and fields, rocky rivers and creeks with clear water, and misty and foggy mornings that make the hills and oak trees look mysterious and kinda romantic: Texas Hill Country, you are beautiful! That is what I have determined in the past several years that I have visited Texas. There is still a long list that I have yet to see but I really, really want to visit Hamilton pools next. These pictures were taken in Cibalo Creek the night before we left. Unfortunately, we were short on time, so I did not get to capture other neat areas. But thank goodness we always go back to Texas!



Slipcover Project Done!

They are finished and I never want to hear the word slipcovers again (and thank goodness that is a rare word to come across). It took me almost a little over a week to finally finish these covers and it could have taken me longer if I did not have a friend help me out in the beginning. I was starting to feel like I worked in a sweatshop! We actually started on these months and months ago but what induced me to finish them was getting a serger. My excuses would not feel as valid if I had a serger. The serger really did cut the time down and made a the quality a lot better too. I was able to tell Micah with full confidence that I can throw these slipcovers in the wash without it falling apart!

Well, I have more projects up my sleeve. Don’t I always? I just have to be up to something, I guess to keep myself out of trouble, AKA clothes shopping, and sewing is definitely a cheaper hobby than shopping. I am thinking of starting a tradition of sewing Ruby Easter dresses. I am looking for inspiration now and will share the process! Also, I want to start sewing some cute beach dresses and just summer clothes in general. This project driven momma is very excited to start on these! Have a great week!

DSC_5802The chairs are ready for your food throwing days Ruby Rose!

Hobbies and Stuff


So, I decided to add another hobby to my already long list of photography, clothes (because shopping, daydreaming about, pinning, and internet surfing for them is a hobby), practicing playing the piano and singing, reading and writing, exercising, and drawing and painting (although I have not touched that one in a long, long time). But now, I got a serger, so sewing is another one of my new things. What can I say?! I love life and all it has to offer! I’m just so interested in just about everything crafty, creative, and artsy.

I am especially interested in upcycling but I don’t think that will mean my closet will ever be completely upcyled because of lack of sewing skills and also there are just some things a serger and sewing machine can’t do, such as embroider and knit sweaters . But how cool would that be if my whole wardrobe were upcycled though?!

So, these shorts for Ruby were my first project. Actually, I made 2 of them because the first one I realized she will outgrow within a week, so I made a bigger one that she can grow into. I have a long list of projects with my serger, so hopefully the poor thing is sturdy! Here are some of the things I want to accomplish in order:

1. Finally finishing the slipcovers for our dining room chairs. I am currently working on that right now and will be finished with it by the end of the week, after a year of saying I would finish them, but having a serger changes some dynamics, so I will totally get them done!

2. Upcycling some clothes from the thrift stores. I got a few large men’s shirts from the thrift store that I am going to turn into shirts for Ruby Rose and I.

3. Make some t-shirt dresses for the summer for me and my cutie, hopefully up cycled ones.

4. Make curtains for the guest bedroom.

I am excited for these projects. I can’t wait to share them when I am done!