Ruby’s Nursery: Just a Rough Draft


Ruby’s nursery furnishings:

1. The bedding. 2. A white glider that looks something like the above but I have not chosen a specific one yet. 3. Her actual crib that we got from someone from Craigslist and we have recently decided we are going to paint white. 4. We got a white cubby from my aunt’s daycare and painted it white and it looks something like the one pictured above. 5. The cutest elephant rug I got and I can’t wait for it to arrive!

I did a little interior designing for Ruby’s nursery today but unfortunately just using my imagination and the internet. I didn’t actually really do anything to her room except buy a rug for her online, so I still feel somewhat productive. I also put together this visual rough draft of what I want her room to look something like. As far as furnishings, we just need to find a reasonably priced glider that looks like something like the above and we are done! Then I just have to worry about the smaller things like an elephant rocker (I am thinking about this one), more books, stuffed animals, and decorative touches here and there.



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