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This week, my nesting energy will be put to the test! I am tackling a major project this week!!! I am hoping to accomplish sewing 8 slipcovers for our 8 dining chairs. It’s kind of a daunting task because I am not the most experienced sewer. But it’s got to be done because I am tired of looking at our dining chairs not looking the way I want it to be. My goal is to make them looking something like the above pictures. Pronto!

So, far though, the major challenge has been looking for fabric for the slip covers. I was hoping to buy the fabric yesterday and just start sewing all day today but things don’t always go as planned. The fabric stores I went to did not really have what I wanted or if they did, they did not have enough in stock for such a huge project.

The look I am going to go for is soft, comfy, and inviting. That’s why I really like the wrinkled-look like in picture 3. It looks well lived in and not as intimidating. I haven’t decided what color slip covers yet but I am definitely leaning towards the white/off-white to match our sectional although I like the gray/black. I am slowly transforming our dining area to the way I want it.  But first the slipcovers! Then a burnt orange Persian/Oriental rug (I already have some options lined up), and maybe a buffet (not that sure about that, I kinda like having more space), oh and also change out the wall hangings (I’ve got options for that too)…but I will try not to get ahead of myself and get distracted. First, the slipcovers!!!

This is how the chairs currently look like in our dining room. Can you see the potential? They are very modern looking and I am not crazy about that look but I knew there was potential for them and that they had good bones! I have had intentions of transforming them to cozy and comfy to fit the house by sewing slipcovers for awhile but have not gotten around to it until now. I am excited because I think the slipcovers will transform the look tremendously, from modern to cozy/shabby chic, which is more to my taste! I can’t wait to finish them and to share with you the finished product. Gotta get to work! I hope you have a good Easter!




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