Flowers For My Birthday



Dress: Shopruche, Skirt:: Shopruche (BTW, everything is 25% off right now at!)


What girl would not want flowers for her birthday right? I know I do, especially ones that I can put in my closet! I got these 2 florally lovelies for birthday present from Micah and courtesy of some birthday money from family! My closet has been craving lovely florals as of late and these were satisfying options.  I probably can’t wear the dress for another 2 months but I am really tired of empire waist dresses for my belly and so got it anyway. I am so ready for some non-maternity dresses. I just can’t look at maternity style dresses any more! Not that I really bought any maternity clothes except for a white maternity shirt and swimsuit. I have been able to get away with wearing empire waist dresses and stretchy dresses and skirts during this pregnancy but I miss wearing the other things in my closet.

Do you like floral prints? If you do, check out’s pretty flowery prints collection! I am in love with this dress especially! I have nowhere to wear it though, so there is no justification for me to get it especially at that price. Maybe if l get invited to a wedding or shoot a wedding in late summer and after my postpartum belly goes down…A girl can dream, and this girl does a lot of dreaming!

I hope your week is going well! Do you have any fun plans for Memorial Weekend? My family is coming down from New  York! We are heading to the beach like many other families. I’m sure I will be able to do more blogging update this weekend. Let me just say that my family is not photo shy lol =p blogsignature-1


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