Spotlight: Lockers For Furniture and Storage


We have this glaring mess of shoes by our garage door. I can’t move them out of sight because it is very convenient to have the shoes there so we can just grab them when we are heading out. It bugs me so much and I am constantly thinking of storage solutions for it. So, with HGTV basically on all day in our house, an idea from my favorite show, Fixer Upper, came up and it is: LOCKERS! I know it is pretty trendy and a little out there and I will probably get sick of it sometime and want something more classic but then we can always move it to the garage and use it for storage there.

Also, it is a little more of an industrial style and that may clash a little with our house but maybe I can soften it up by putting pretty vases on top. I was thinking I like the ones with the smaller compartments and I would paint it black and all rustic like. I am still mulling this over but it is a budget friendly solution and plus I like re-used products. Maybe if a really good deal comes up on Craigslist that I just can’t pass up, I may jump on this idea. I am just itching for a house project, pronto!

Update: Remember too when I was all hyped up about sewing slipcovers for the dining table in this post? Well, I am still working on it but not like literally working on it, sewing-wise. I am actually hiring someone else to do them because my sewing skills are very limited and I don’t want to mess up since fabric was expensive! I can’t wait until it is all done!



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