Mama Bliss


 (“What are we looking at Ruby Rose?”)

A love for one’s child is quite an amazing new experience and feeling for me. That is why I can’t stop babbling to Micah how much I just love her…It’s an overwhelming feeling! This love gives me a surge of energy and I can’t help but  kiss her, hug her, talk to her, cuddle with her, sing to her, and play with her all day long.  I also just want to take her everywhere with me and show her off to the world and tell everyone “Hey, this is my baby! I’m her mama!” I know it sounds so silly but I really feel this way! She really is my pride and joy. Yes, I am in new mama bliss and I don’t want to snap out of it =p

I hope you had a good Sunday!

DSC_2972b DSC_2970b DSC_2974b DSC_2960b DSC_2963


***Blouse: Free People, Denim shorts: Paige, Slip ons: Saks Brand***



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