Dew and Dusk


Over-ate and over-shopped during our mini getaway in Myrtle Beach this weekend, and unique to me, I should add to the list over-photographed too…sort of. I could have done a lot worse but the dewy weather prohibited me from taking the camera out as much as I wanted to.

This was Ruby Rose’s first beach trip of many more to come, as being the child of avid beach goers. We were totally unprepared to take an infant to the beach and so we didn’t really get to enjoy it as much. We are planning to go back again in a few weeks and so I made a  list of must-haves for infants while at the beach (not including things that would normally be in a diaper bag):

    1. Big hat. Baby skin is so sensitive and must be protect. Even a mild sunburn can be very dangerous to babies and of course it’s very painful for them.
    2. Baby sunglasses. Their eyes need protection too. 
    3. An outfit that covers as much skin as possible. Once again, baby skin needs to be protected from the elements.
    4. UV protected tent rather than an umbrella. Umbrellas are not enough protection from the sun.
    5. Boppy. To prop baby up because he/she can’t be held the whole time! 
    6. Play mat. For entertainment.

My! For little things they sure do need a lot! But it’s all to protect them because we love them! Now, I am going to scour the internet to see if there is a beach bag big enough to accommodate all of these things….DSC_3166


DSC_3194 DSC_3214 DSC_3231


****Maxi dress: Anthropologie. Cardigan: Target*****



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