Hoping for an Indian Summer



***slip dress: Free People *** scarf: Anthropologie (currently on sale) *** shoes: Sam Edelman *** belt: Free People***

I know most of you are very ready for the fall and for cooler weather, especially down here in the South where it is so humid. But me, I am not quite ready to let  summer go yet…Summer has flown by for me. It was spent mostly indoors nurturing my little one as she grew from a fragile preemie to a more energetic infant. I have to say it has been a wonderful and unique summer with lots of kisses, snuggles, laughter, and squeezing.

Normally, sans-Ruby Rose, my summer would be spent outdoors, going to beaches, pools, ice cream shops, doing hikes, blueberry and strawberry picking, and taking pictures in dilapidated buildings random fields and such, but some of those activities are not really infant friendly things. But now, I feel more comfortable bringing Ruby Rose outdoors, so for me and my little Ruby Rose, summer has just begun, so we’re hoping for an Indian summer this year.


DSC_3279a DSC_3316b







4 thoughts on “Hoping for an Indian Summer

  1. milu5489

    wow I love this outfit and the pictures! your scarf is just stunning! This summer went really fast for me as well so I’m not ready for cooler weathers yet. So cute that you spent your summer with your baby girl 🙂
    I invite you to visit my blog and let me know if you would like to follow each other to stay in touch.



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