Heirloom Dresses and Postpartum ‘Fesses


***Dress: Free People*** Shoes: MiuMiu***Belt: Kate Spade***

 While I was pregnant I read about other women’s pregnancies, especially in blogs. One thing that rings true to me, at least in my case, is when a blogger mentioned that you age after having a baby. When I look at myself in pictures, I do feel like I have “matured” and I feel I look slightly different than I used to. It may be partly because I have not lost all the pregnancy weight and partly because I am not getting as much beauty rest these days and maybe hormones may be to blame? I don’t know and it really does not matter to me.

I have found that what women complain the most about after pregnancy, including myself, is the physical changes that occurs because that is what us women do, we nitpick all that is wrong with us and after pregnancy there is a lot to nitpick about: stretch marks, weight gain, wider hips, and other body changes. But you know what, I actually don’t care any more. I am being patient about my body reverting back to what it used to be. I am doing all that I can. I go to the gym and literally work my butt off while I am there. But if I don’t get the results that I want and if don’t get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, it is okay. Why should I be harsh to my body? It does not deserve that kind of treatment and criticism. It was the vessel that nurtured and carried  the little girl that I love with all of my heart and soul. It deserves to be taken care of and not bashed. These changes are all worth it for my little one, whether they are here to stay or not. I love my body and I am grateful for it. DSC_3360b DSC_3356bDSC_3374b DSC_3372 DSC_3371



4 thoughts on “Heirloom Dresses and Postpartum ‘Fesses

  1. Katherine Lou

    Oh I love this post. I have yet to have a baby and of course, I’m naturally afraid of what having a baby will do to my body and my mental health. But I love your take on it. I love when mothers talk about how their bodies created something so beautiful that nothing else matters.

    Beautiful dress and baby!


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