Shop My Closet Mondays: Lace Skirt


***Skirt: Free People (old)***T-shirt: Anthropologie***Shoes: Minnetonka (flea market find)***Belt:Free People***Necklace: Belks***

I play it safe in a lot of my purchases because I just can’t afford trends and also I don’t like bothering sifting through my closet constantly and getting rid of stuff. I try to buy pieces that are keepers, like this skirt….it’s a keeper. It transcends with time. I have done several posts with it, check out here and here on my old blog. It’s just classic and I can even see Ruby Rose playing dress up with it one day a very long time from now.

So, I want to be a little bit more organized with the posts on my blog and so sometimes I am going to categorize my posts into these:

  1. Projects and Such- this one is a given, for things I create, DYI’s, or projects and such.
  2. Shop My Closet Mondays- this is when I take a piece from my closet that I continue to wear and that I have had for awhile and show you how I style it sometimes in different ways, like on this post!
  3. Spotlight- when I take something that I have been noticing or loving lately such as a trend or cool thing and “spotlight” it on my blog.
  4. In and Around Our Home- Pictures of family and friends and happenings in our home.
  5. On my mind- this is when I feel like bringing up something substantial and more personal on my blog because sometimes this girl needs to vent =D

Anyhoo, we had a great weekend! We had dinner with some good friends and we also went to the mall in Durham and I found this perfect white t-shirt (the one I am currently wearing). I can think of a million ways of wearing it, that’s how you know it’s perfect. And also I scored this cute Juicy Couture outfit for Ruby Rose for $20ish. I don’t normally buy name brands for her unless it is cheap and this outfit is about how much I would pay for a top and bottom for her from Target, so why not?!

I hope you have a great week =D

DSC_3409a DSC_3440a DSC_3437a



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