New Mama, New Season, New Hair-Do


***T-shirt: Free People, Quilted Jacket: JCrew Factory, Jeans: Free People, Sneakers Cynthia Rowley***

I followed the tradition of most new mamas and got my hair cut and colored. I understand now why moms do this, at least in my own way. I think after all of that pregnancy weight gain I just needed some kind of boost of self esteem somewhere and the quickest fix is my hair. Although, I am happy that my body is FINALLY starting to revert back somewhat to it’s pre-pregnancy state.

I am in no way a gym junkie or guru or anything but I have found a routine that really has been effective and working and the way I know this is because I can fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans now, although it is still a little too snug for my taste still but I am confident it will fit just as nicely as it did before in just a few more weeks. I can really see the results! It’s kinda amazing because I mean by belly was huge and for it to go down so much is a work of wonder! If you are interested, I may do a post of what I do at the gym sometime. I really ought to post more about exercise on this blog because it really is a big part of my life but I don’t feel competent to do this I guess because I am not  I a physical trainer or any kind of expert.








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