Update: Ruby Rose at almost 6 months


She will be six months on December 2, and I am already acting like she is going away for college, getting all sappy and stuff that she is growing up so much. I can already tell that I am going to shed a lot of tears for this girl, I am learning quickly that this comes with the territory of being a mother.

Anyhoo, some memories and updates of my Ruby Rose:

  • Last week, it tickled her so much when I had a towel wrapped around my hair after showering. I have never heard her laugh so much!
  • She weighed 14.4 lbs a week ago.
  • She ate her first “official” solid food last week. I say official because I would occasionally let her taste my gelato, yogurt, and bananas before.
  • Just about everyone tells me she looks like her daddy, which I LOVE because her daddy has model good looks in my book =p
  • Teething has mutated her into a mini-vampire and she likes to dig her mouth into my shoulders and neck when I carry her.
  • She loves trying to stand when I hold her.
  • Loves to watch t.v. especially cartoons. I had her sitting next to me on the couch and she kept looking at the t.v. and then looking at me and I she looked so mature at that moment that I got a flashforward of how she is going to be like as a toddler! But then she made some cute baby noises and I was taken back to the present.



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