Ruby Rose at 7 Months


Okay, so it seems this blog is just a place to post pictures of Ruby Rose these days. I need another venue to post pictures of Ruby besides Facebook-I bombard it enough of my photos. It comes with the territory of loving photography and my little girl!

So, this little round-eyed cutie is about 7 1/2 months old now and she is just so perfect! She just brings so much joy to us daily. She has been such an easy baby, always ready to smile and hardly ever cries-she is just such a good natured little girl!

She sits on her own very well now. She is not crawling yet. She hates tummy time, every time we put her on her tummy she flips right over on her back. No teeth yet but she sure acts like she is getting them the way she chews away on her toys like a puppy. All she wants to do is jump on her Jumperoo all day and sometimes even objects when we take her out when she is not ready. She loves music and she may be the only fan of my piano playing. Her favorite toys are the ones that make music. She is finally growing some hair now but she is still the cutest little baldie!







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