Wintery Wonderful


(Jersey dress: currently on sale at Anthropologie stores, similar here. Belt: (old) Target. Headpiece: Francesca’s.)

Although I would take sand over snow any day, I have to admit that snowy days reflect the most ethereal natural lighting for photos, so I had to take advantage. And it helped a lot that Micah came home from work, so we made it happen. Perfect lighting: check. Good hair day: check. Pretty dress and accessories: check. Cute baby: check. Baby in a good mood: no check. Usually Ruby Rose is a good sport about taking photos but the combo of being kind of sick and a furry creature that goes by the name of Hearty, weaving figure 8’s on Micah’s legs while he was taking the picture was vying for her attention, and furry creatures win for Ruby. So, there you go. That’s why Ruby looks very interested at something on the ground in all of these pictures. Next time, I will lock that cat in the garage.

A lot has happened since my last post. We have been doing a lot of house projects ever since we found out that we are not moving after all. Big relief! I was so worried about moving and all the stress of putting the house up for rent and just moving in general! I did not want to go through that!

So, we are finally doing something with our bonus room. We are making it a multi-purpose room. It will be a  family room/office/storage/craft-room/sewing room/exercise room. A lot, I know. Why don’t we just live in this room? We are putting a projector, getting giant beanbags for chairs, painting a wall with chalkboard paint, and putting up rustic/industrial shelves for storage and such. We are almost done. We just have to paint the chalkboard wall, get some chairs and beanbags, and more baskets. Here is the inspiration of the wall unit that we put up from this pin.

Also, I am finally going to finish up Ruby’s room, which all it  needs are a few more things to go on the wall and some curtains and it’s done. Another project we are going to be also doing is build some industrial shelves in this space by our pantry and we are going to build something like this. I will put up pics all in due time, of course! It’s been fun doing all of these projects. It’s really got me in a DIY frame of mind. I will have to do a post of some cool DYI’s that I have come across!





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