This Weekend

This past weekend I was able to knock out a few sewing projects, although easy ones: Ruby Rose’s nursery curtains and some napkins.

We have needed napkins in forever and I am so picky but picking fabric is easier than going to the store and picking out napkins and it’s cheaper too! We need some color in our very beige-y home and so I was feeling something bright and cheerful, hence the mustard napkins. It seriously only took me like 45 minutes to cut and serge these 8 napkins. Dear serger, you are almost up there with my camera in my favorite gadgets department.

The curtains took a little more time and brainstorming but I chose the fabric because it has a lot of the colors that are consistent throughout Ruby’s room. I knew the lines were going to be a little strong for Ruby’s very girly room but I think her room needed some spontaneity. There were definitely fabrics that would have perfectly gone with her baroque design bed linens but I wanted her room to be a little mismatchy and whimsical, just like a kid’s room should be. I added some crochet trimmings to make it a little more feminine too. I am pretty satisfied with the results. One thing I love about sewing is that I can really customize things to my taste and needs!

Upcoming projects: We are going to be Florida soon so I am working on a dress and a jumpsuit for me. For Ruby, I am making  a 2 piece outfit. I am so happy to be finally making clothes because fashion is really more of my forte than home decor. Sewing clothes is definitely something I care to master more of!


DSC_6749 DSC_6753.


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