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So, I decided to add another hobby to my already long list of photography, clothes (because shopping, daydreaming about, pinning, and internet surfing for them is a hobby), practicing playing the piano and singing, reading and writing, exercising, and drawing and painting (although I have not touched that one in a long, long time). But now, I got a serger, so sewing is another one of my new things. What can I say?! I love life and all it has to offer! I’m just so interested in just about everything crafty, creative, and artsy.

I am especially interested in upcycling but I don’t think that will mean my closet will ever be completely upcyled because of lack of sewing skills and also there are just some things a serger and sewing machine can’t do, such as embroider and knit sweaters . But how cool would that be if my whole wardrobe were upcycled though?!

So, these shorts for Ruby were my first project. Actually, I made 2 of them because the first one I realized she will outgrow within a week, so I made a bigger one that she can grow into. I have a long list of projects with my serger, so hopefully the poor thing is sturdy! Here are some of the things I want to accomplish in order:

1. Finally finishing the slipcovers for our dining room chairs. I am currently working on that right now and will be finished with it by the end of the week, after a year of saying I would finish them, but having a serger changes some dynamics, so I will totally get them done!

2. Upcycling some clothes from the thrift stores. I got a few large men’s shirts from the thrift store that I am going to turn into shirts for Ruby Rose and I.

3. Make some t-shirt dresses for the summer for me and my cutie, hopefully up cycled ones.

4. Make curtains for the guest bedroom.

I am excited for these projects. I can’t wait to share them when I am done!






I Made This: Mirror Plant Holder

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After months of looking at our unadorned dining table and contemplating ideas of what to put there, I finally bit the bullet and did something about it. I did not want to put any tall decorations-that you cannot see the person across from you. I hate that. Also, it couldn’t be too fancy but too rustic either. So this was the solution and it was one on the cheaper side. To make all 3 of the mirror plant holder cost me about $20. That’s for all 3! That includes the candle mirrors (from the dollar store) and the rope (from Hobby Lobby). I am not counting the plants, which I got for half off from Hobby Lobby for $7 each. So to make just one of these holders would be about $7.

I found this idea on Pinterest, I don’t recommend clicking on the link of the pin though because when I did, it took me to some shady website. But you can just basically see from the pictures how to make it. I added the rope because there were gaps in between the mirrors. That may have been my bad! Also, I wanted to add a little rustic touch to it, so that’s why I chose the rope (and I am thinking of adding more rope). I originally thought of maybe putting lace trimmings to cover the gaps but I went with the rope because I thought the lace would have been too dainty for my house. I’m sure lace would be pretty too though! So, overall, to do this project, all it takes is $20, a glue gun, plenty of glue sticks, some patience, and some burnt fingers!




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