Ruby Rose 9 Months


3 more months and I will have a toddler! I don’t know how we got here! I can’t ignore that she is getting older and so I am already scouring Pinterest for first birthday ideas. Updates on Ruby Rose:

  • She got her first two teeth ever 1 1/2 weeks ago in the bottom (you can kind of see them on the last picture)
  • Still does not crawl and hates tummy time as usual.
  • Still loves her jumperoo.
  • We are getting her a walker this week.
  • I saw her “dancing” for the first time the other day, rocking back and forth.
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is her favorite show. We have noticed this because she gets so smiley when Mickey comes on.






Wintery Wonderful


(Jersey dress: currently on sale at Anthropologie stores, similar here. Belt: (old) Target. Headpiece: Francesca’s.)

Although I would take sand over snow any day, I have to admit that snowy days reflect the most ethereal natural lighting for photos, so I had to take advantage. And it helped a lot that Micah came home from work, so we made it happen. Perfect lighting: check. Good hair day: check. Pretty dress and accessories: check. Cute baby: check. Baby in a good mood: no check. Usually Ruby Rose is a good sport about taking photos but the combo of being kind of sick and a furry creature that goes by the name of Hearty, weaving figure 8’s on Micah’s legs while he was taking the picture was vying for her attention, and furry creatures win for Ruby. So, there you go. That’s why Ruby looks very interested at something on the ground in all of these pictures. Next time, I will lock that cat in the garage.

A lot has happened since my last post. We have been doing a lot of house projects ever since we found out that we are not moving after all. Big relief! I was so worried about moving and all the stress of putting the house up for rent and just moving in general! I did not want to go through that!

So, we are finally doing something with our bonus room. We are making it a multi-purpose room. It will be a  family room/office/storage/craft-room/sewing room/exercise room. A lot, I know. Why don’t we just live in this room? We are putting a projector, getting giant beanbags for chairs, painting a wall with chalkboard paint, and putting up rustic/industrial shelves for storage and such. We are almost done. We just have to paint the chalkboard wall, get some chairs and beanbags, and more baskets. Here is the inspiration of the wall unit that we put up from this pin.

Also, I am finally going to finish up Ruby’s room, which all it  needs are a few more things to go on the wall and some curtains and it’s done. Another project we are going to be also doing is build some industrial shelves in this space by our pantry and we are going to build something like this. I will put up pics all in due time, of course! It’s been fun doing all of these projects. It’s really got me in a DIY frame of mind. I will have to do a post of some cool DYI’s that I have come across!




Ruby Rose at 7 Months


Okay, so it seems this blog is just a place to post pictures of Ruby Rose these days. I need another venue to post pictures of Ruby besides Facebook-I bombard it enough of my photos. It comes with the territory of loving photography and my little girl!

So, this little round-eyed cutie is about 7 1/2 months old now and she is just so perfect! She just brings so much joy to us daily. She has been such an easy baby, always ready to smile and hardly ever cries-she is just such a good natured little girl!

She sits on her own very well now. She is not crawling yet. She hates tummy time, every time we put her on her tummy she flips right over on her back. No teeth yet but she sure acts like she is getting them the way she chews away on her toys like a puppy. All she wants to do is jump on her Jumperoo all day and sometimes even objects when we take her out when she is not ready. She loves music and she may be the only fan of my piano playing. Her favorite toys are the ones that make music. She is finally growing some hair now but she is still the cutest little baldie!






Those Moments That Can’t Be Captured


I love my camera. It has blown me away with it’s abilities. It has captured some amazing images, better than I could have imagined in my mind sometimes. It is a pretty amazing gadget and I seriously love it! Before Ruby came along, I used to call it my “baby”. 

            But lately, I have found that it has it’s limitations. I think that Ruby has especially brought that to light. There have been plenty of cherished moments that I have ached to capture but I have found I can not. These are some of the beautiful moments that would make such lovely images and I wished so much to capture: 

-When Ruby cuddles with me at night…Both of us are on our sides facing each other and she is tucked in my arms and she rests her head on that hollow part between my shoulder and chest. Sometimes this is the only way I can get her to sleep. And I know that she would not have anyone else do that with her. Unfortunately not even her dad. In that moment, I can feel the bond between mother and child so strongly. I kiss her little cheeks and forehead and I hope that she can feel my love emanating while I envelop her in my hug. 

-Saturday or Sunday mornings, when Micah, Ruby and I just lay in the bed. There is no work and no schedule to follow, the stress of the work week has melted away, and we just get to fully enjoy being a family. Sometimes we just lay there and talk while Ruby plays with her feet and sometimes we try to get Ruby to giggle and laugh. It is only on the weekends when we could begin a day like that, so it feels extra special. 

-When I am feeding her and she stares with wide eyes into my mine and she just holds my gaze…Someone told me that sometimes babies don’t like it when the mother talks while she is feeding her baby. The baby does not like anything else distracting the mother. He or she wants the full attention. I have found this to be true with Ruby lately as she has gotten older. So, I try my best to give her undistracted and undivided attention. She usually feeds better this way. And I just love looking into her pretty, little face, with such a tender look on my face and I hope and pray she can feel and see my love while I cradle her in my arms. If only I can capture the trust and love that I see in her big, brown eyes in these moments. It would be a classic image. 

-Ruby’s jumbo smile with her mouth open and with her tongue out and everything…I want to capture this so badly and have tried, but whenever a cell phone or camera appears, she does not do it. I have come to the conclusion that she only smiles that way when she sees her mother or father’s face grinning or smiling at her, and I guess that can’t really happen when we are behind a camera or cell phone, can it? 

-Ruby’s laughter…oh, if the world can see her laughing, everyone would fall in love with her! So far, Micah and I have been the only ones lucky enough to witness it and we are wrapped around her fingers. She tends to do it when I spin and dance with her or when we play peek-a-boo with the mirror. She has a laughter that can melt hearts of iron.  

While a part of me, the artsy/expressive part, is just itching, aching even, to capture these beautiful moments for the world to see, of how wonderful and beautiful parenthood is, there is this part of me, the more sentimental or maybe even selfish part, that is kind of elated that it can’t be captured and maybe it shouldn’t be captured. There is something about breaking out the camera in these moments that would take away from the genuineness and purity of it all. And for what? To share on a blog or exploit it in some other way? When something is just so perfect, just leave it be, relish it, enjoy it, treasure it in your heart or memory…be careful not to taint these moments. Sometimes, the camera should not have a role in these blessed moments. I am beginning to realize that. Some things are just too precious for cameras. 




Update: Ruby Rose at almost 6 months


She will be six months on December 2, and I am already acting like she is going away for college, getting all sappy and stuff that she is growing up so much. I can already tell that I am going to shed a lot of tears for this girl, I am learning quickly that this comes with the territory of being a mother.

Anyhoo, some memories and updates of my Ruby Rose:

  • Last week, it tickled her so much when I had a towel wrapped around my hair after showering. I have never heard her laugh so much!
  • She weighed 14.4 lbs a week ago.
  • She ate her first “official” solid food last week. I say official because I would occasionally let her taste my gelato, yogurt, and bananas before.
  • Just about everyone tells me she looks like her daddy, which I LOVE because her daddy has model good looks in my book =p
  • Teething has mutated her into a mini-vampire and she likes to dig her mouth into my shoulders and neck when I carry her.
  • She loves trying to stand when I hold her.
  • Loves to watch t.v. especially cartoons. I had her sitting next to me on the couch and she kept looking at the t.v. and then looking at me and I she looked so mature at that moment that I got a flashforward of how she is going to be like as a toddler! But then she made some cute baby noises and I was taken back to the present.


New Mama, New Season, New Hair-Do


***T-shirt: Free People, Quilted Jacket: JCrew Factory, Jeans: Free People, Sneakers Cynthia Rowley***

I followed the tradition of most new mamas and got my hair cut and colored. I understand now why moms do this, at least in my own way. I think after all of that pregnancy weight gain I just needed some kind of boost of self esteem somewhere and the quickest fix is my hair. Although, I am happy that my body is FINALLY starting to revert back somewhat to it’s pre-pregnancy state.

I am in no way a gym junkie or guru or anything but I have found a routine that really has been effective and working and the way I know this is because I can fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans now, although it is still a little too snug for my taste still but I am confident it will fit just as nicely as it did before in just a few more weeks. I can really see the results! It’s kinda amazing because I mean by belly was huge and for it to go down so much is a work of wonder! If you are interested, I may do a post of what I do at the gym sometime. I really ought to post more about exercise on this blog because it really is a big part of my life but I don’t feel competent to do this I guess because I am not  I a physical trainer or any kind of expert.







Shop My Closet Mondays: Lace Skirt


***Skirt: Free People (old)***T-shirt: Anthropologie***Shoes: Minnetonka (flea market find)***Belt:Free People***Necklace: Belks***

I play it safe in a lot of my purchases because I just can’t afford trends and also I don’t like bothering sifting through my closet constantly and getting rid of stuff. I try to buy pieces that are keepers, like this skirt….it’s a keeper. It transcends with time. I have done several posts with it, check out here and here on my old blog. It’s just classic and I can even see Ruby Rose playing dress up with it one day a very long time from now.

So, I want to be a little bit more organized with the posts on my blog and so sometimes I am going to categorize my posts into these:

  1. Projects and Such- this one is a given, for things I create, DYI’s, or projects and such.
  2. Shop My Closet Mondays- this is when I take a piece from my closet that I continue to wear and that I have had for awhile and show you how I style it sometimes in different ways, like on this post!
  3. Spotlight- when I take something that I have been noticing or loving lately such as a trend or cool thing and “spotlight” it on my blog.
  4. In and Around Our Home- Pictures of family and friends and happenings in our home.
  5. On my mind- this is when I feel like bringing up something substantial and more personal on my blog because sometimes this girl needs to vent =D

Anyhoo, we had a great weekend! We had dinner with some good friends and we also went to the mall in Durham and I found this perfect white t-shirt (the one I am currently wearing). I can think of a million ways of wearing it, that’s how you know it’s perfect. And also I scored this cute Juicy Couture outfit for Ruby Rose for $20ish. I don’t normally buy name brands for her unless it is cheap and this outfit is about how much I would pay for a top and bottom for her from Target, so why not?!

I hope you have a great week =D

DSC_3409a DSC_3440a DSC_3437a