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Pretty Dress, Pretty Little Girl, and Pretty Little Thoughts

Can I take a moment to be effusive about how much I love this little girl and how much I love being her mama? I didn’t realize how motherhood can be so overwhelmingly wonderful! Motherhood is good for my little heart, I tell you, even with the whole preeclampsia scare. I am just so happy that this little girl exists and never mind that she is a lot of hard work when I stop to think about it, which I don’t really (and don’t really have time for) and it has become natural to me to go through all the rough parts, such as getting less sleep, less time for myself, less money to spend on myself, yet she has brought so much more into my life! I can’t sum it all up in words. To the future moms out there, no one can prepare you of how you will feel about your little one. No one can. Your baby becomes your universe and that is how it should be!

Sometimes, I catch myself staring at my little girl and think, “Where did you come from? You are so perfect!” I have religious beliefs of where she comes from but it’s still such a miracle and marvel to think I have created a life and that that this little soul now exists and I had something to do with her creation. It’s kind of like a magic trick, like she was just pulled out of a hat and I have no idea how it was done or I just can’t fathom it, so I am just in awe to this day!

And another thing, this little girl has become my kryptonite. Her smiles and giggles, they melt me! And her cries, when she wants something, they have to be heeded and I can’t just ignore them because those sad faces she makes breaks my heart and I would do anything to make those tears go away. And when she gives me her little baby hugs, feels like heaven! And there is something about a baby’s neediness that makes a momma feel so special, you know?

How about you other moms out there? Did you guys feel the same way? I’d like to know your feelings on being a mom for the first time.

DSC_6424a(Dress: Modcloth-sold out)


Cibalo Creek

DSC_6309aMassive trees with beautiful, intricate roots, wild deer prancing around, a myriad of wild flowers dotting the roads and fields, rocky rivers and creeks with clear water, and misty and foggy mornings that make the hills and oak trees look mysterious and kinda romantic: Texas Hill Country, you are beautiful! That is what I have determined in the past several years that I have visited Texas. There is still a long list that I have yet to see but I really, really want to visit Hamilton pools next. These pictures were taken in Cibalo Creek the night before we left. Unfortunately, we were short on time, so I did not get to capture other neat areas. But thank goodness we always go back to Texas!



Update: Ruby Rose at almost 6 months


She will be six months on December 2, and I am already acting like she is going away for college, getting all sappy and stuff that she is growing up so much. I can already tell that I am going to shed a lot of tears for this girl, I am learning quickly that this comes with the territory of being a mother.

Anyhoo, some memories and updates of my Ruby Rose:

  • Last week, it tickled her so much when I had a towel wrapped around my hair after showering. I have never heard her laugh so much!
  • She weighed 14.4 lbs a week ago.
  • She ate her first “official” solid food last week. I say official because I would occasionally let her taste my gelato, yogurt, and bananas before.
  • Just about everyone tells me she looks like her daddy, which I LOVE because her daddy has model good looks in my book =p
  • Teething has mutated her into a mini-vampire and she likes to dig her mouth into my shoulders and neck when I carry her.
  • She loves trying to stand when I hold her.
  • Loves to watch t.v. especially cartoons. I had her sitting next to me on the couch and she kept looking at the t.v. and then looking at me and I she looked so mature at that moment that I got a flashforward of how she is going to be like as a toddler! But then she made some cute baby noises and I was taken back to the present.