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Slipcover Project Done!

They are finished and I never want to hear the word slipcovers again (and thank goodness that is a rare word to come across). It took me almost a little over a week to finally finish these covers and it could have taken me longer if I did not have a friend help me out in the beginning. I was starting to feel like I worked in a sweatshop! We actually started on these months and months ago but what induced me to finish them was getting a serger. My excuses would not feel as valid if I had a serger. The serger really did cut the time down and made a the quality a lot better too. I was able to tell Micah with full confidence that I can throw these slipcovers in the wash without it falling apart!

Well, I have more projects up my sleeve. Don’t I always? I just have to be up to something, I guess to keep myself out of trouble, AKA clothes shopping, and sewing is definitely a cheaper hobby than shopping. I am thinking of starting a tradition of sewing Ruby Easter dresses. I am looking for inspiration now and will share the process! Also, I want to start sewing some cute beach dresses and just summer clothes in general. This project driven momma is very excited to start on these! Have a great week!

DSC_5802The chairs are ready for your food throwing days Ruby Rose!