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Barns and Sunshine

DSC_7140a Barns and sunny days, two of my favorite things, and add a pretty dress, and you’ve got the ingredients to my type of photoshoot ! I made this drapey, Grecian-inspired dress. I didn’t use a pattern (I rarely do when sewing) and so it was a trial and error experience that took me about 2 days to finish, although I am still not quite happy with the results, so I am calling this my prototype. This was my first time sewing jersey clothing. I had tried altering a jersey dress I had bought in the past but after disappointing results, I stayed away from jersey for about a year. I decided I can’t avoid it for long because it is oh-so-comfy and cooling for the frequent heat waves in our part of the country. So, after scouring the internet for tips, I decided to tackle it. I have found the best tips for jersey are: 1. Use a ballpoint needle (I think there is also a needle for knits that also works well but I used ballpoint, so I can’t really tell you which one is better). 2. Use starch to keep the fabric in place, so therefore, you can ¬†sew straighter lines. The starch will definitely give you more control and better results, although I totally did not use it for this project and really regret not doing so! I also think it will help eliminate puckering. 3. Iron the puckers, this may help smooth it out. I was so upset with how the jersey kept puckering after sewing but I read somewhere to try ironing it and that seriously made things look much better. 4. Use your serger as much as possible! Once again, my serger basically saved the day. I love that thing. So, after doing this project, I have overcome my fear of it and ¬†knits and can’t wait to go to the store to buy more jersey! DSC_7146a DSC_7157a DSC_7172a